Air Penguin

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Air Penguin is a cool game in which you control a cute Penguin that slides across Antarctica to save his family. Jump, dodge and fly across ice, tilt away from dangers and outrun hungry sea seals! Air Penguin is an addictive fun game, that will keep you bouncing for hours, just watch out – the ice melts quickly! Regular Penguins can’t fly, but Air Penguin can!

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In Air Penguin you embark on an action packed journey that never stops for a second! You will have to slide your way across icy terrain, jump over freezing water, and dodge away from hungry seals before they sure like penguins, if you know what i mean! Danger doesn’t just lurk on the ice, what’s really scary is what’s underneath it – big Sharks and other baddies you don’t wanna encounter at all!

Enjoy a cool story, awesome vivid graphics, fun game play and easy controllers – tilt your device and swipe your fingers to jump! Air Penguin is an addicting game that will surely make you wish you were born a penguin! Well not really, but at least controlling one!